• Dongshan Academy

    2016-08-15 16:59:14

    Dongshan Academy is the best preserved academy in Hunan province. It is a home to national key protected cultural relics, a demonstration base for patriotic education, a scenic spot of red tourism and a national 4A tourism resort.

  • Shuifu tourism resort

    2016-08-15 16:56:37

    Shuifu tourism resort is an ecological tourist destination in Xiangxiang, Hunan province covering an area of 177.2 square kilometers, with a water area of 45 square kilometers.

  • Zeng Guofan's Life Research Museum

    2016-08-15 16:52:03

    Zeng Guofan's Life Research Museum was built by the Xiangxiang municipal government to promote Xiang Army culture.

  • More than 2,000 elders gather at Shuifu Demonstration Area

    2016-06-08 16:53:32

    A large tour group, which was consisted with more than 2,200 elder visitors, came to Shuifu Demonstration Area in Xiangxiang city, Hunan province during the first weekend of June. Most of the elders were from a square dance association.

  • Hunan provincial officials inspect Xiangxiang eco-park

    2016-05-27 18:03:08

    A group of experts from Hunan provincial agriculture committee inspected "Longsheng Longhe" Ecological Park (eco-park) on May 26 in Xiangxiang city, as the park is striving to apply for status as a provincial leisure and agricultural demonstration park.

  • 192,400 people visit Xiangxiang during May Day holiday

    2016-05-03 18:01:00

    A total of 192,400 people visited Xiangxiang during the May Day holiday (May 1-3), with the tourism revenue reaching 26.08 million yuan ($3.75 million) to hit a historical record. During the holiday, no safety incidents or complaints occurred.

  • Xiangxiang establishes Chinese Traditional Culture Academy

    2016-04-22 17:52:10

    The Xiangxiang Chinese Traditional Culture Academy was established on April 21. Approximately 100 Chinese culture fans gathered at the academy.

  • Fire dragon lantern show performs in Xiangxiang

    2016-02-22 15:01:39

    The fire dragon lantern show performs once a year and is held in Hutian Culture Plaza, Xiangxiang city, Hunan province.

  • Government officials inspect Shuifu Demonstration Area

    2016-02-18 14:54:33

    ?A group of government officials led by Xiangxiang Deputy Mayor Chen Xiaoshan inspected Shuifu Demonstration Area on Feb 17.

  • Shuifu Demonstration Area strives for 5A scenic area status

    2016-02-15 16:30:45

    A delegation of government officials from Xiangtan city, led by Xiangtan Party Secretary Hu Haijun, inspected Shuifu Demonstration Area on Feb 14.

  • Xiangxiang sees rapid development in tourism industry

    2016-01-22 16:33:55

    Xiangxiang city, situated in Central China's Hunan province, has seen rapid achievements in the tourism industry. The city boasts three 4A-level sites, three 3A-level spots, three 3A-level tourism restaurants and a national ancient town.