Dongtai Mountain National Forest Park wins praise

Updated: 2018-01-30


Aerial view of Dongtai Mountain National Forest Park in Xiangxiang, Xiangtan, Hunan province. [Photo/ WeChat account: zgxxwz]

Dongtai Mountain National Forest Park was recently named Hunan’s eco-civilization education base by the Forest Department of Hunan Province, the Education Department of Hunan Province and the Hunan Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League, local media reported on January 23.

Situated in the Dongshan new district of Xiangxiang, Dongtai Mountain National Forest Park is a typical suburban nature attraction. As the only national forest park in Xiangtan, it covers a total area of 340.5 hectares and has standing forest stock of 27,000 cubic meters. With 338.3 hectares of first-grade State public benefit coverage, it has 187 kinds of woody plants, more than 1,000 kinds of herbaceous plants and rare animals such as pangolins, weasels and snakes. 

In recent years, Dongtai Mountain National Forest Park, to supplement its original forest vegetation, has newly planted Taxus mairei, photinia fraseri, fragrans, sakura and other species. It is listed as one of the first forest health demonstration bases and has received 400,000 tourists.