A new library enriches Xiangxiang culture

Updated: 2017-12-25


Xiangxiang city builds a new municipal library in Zhengxiang Tower to enrich the city’s cultural associations. [Photo/xiangxiang.gov.cn]

Xiangxiang city has built a new public library to enrich the city’s cultural associations. This latest addition to the city will open within the next few days, local media reported.
Situated in Zhengxiang Tower, there are over 70,000 titles available over a 15,000-square-meter area. The library has six floors which house the service center, local literature reference room, lecture hall, recreation center and several reading and study rooms.


The new library houses more than 700,000 books and 350,000 e-books. [Photo/xiangxiang.gov.cn]

Although the newly built library has an antique architectural style, it is equipped with cutting-edge technology. There are automatic librarian machines on the second floor, which allow card-issuing, self-check-out and other services upon the presentation of an ID card. With the e-book lending machine on the opposite side, readers can gain access to millions of e-books by simply scanning the QR code of the coveted book with the pre-downloaded library app on their phones. The library has introduced the latest Inteylib automatic administration system to help readers achieve search results more efficiently.
If preferred, readers also have the option of going to the service desk on the second floor to speak to a librarian directly. When checking any books out, a 100 yuan ($ 15.19) deposit is required.


A librarian, Chen Boliang, uses the pre-downloaded library app to scan the QR code of a book he searched for to borrow the e-book from a lending machine. [Photo/xiangxiang.gov.cn]

The new library is built to be a cultural drawing and study room of the city. The library will be continuously working on the improvement of digital management, networking and further branch construction.