Holiday sees 101,200 tourists in Shuifu Demonstration Area

Updated: 2016-10-08
During the Chinese National Day Holiday (Oct 1-7), a total of 101,200 tourists visited the Shuifu Demonstration Area in Xiangxiang city, Hunan province, an increase of 23 percent compared with the same period of the previous year.

During the holiday, the combined income of dining, accommodation, transportation, recreation and telecommunication services exceeded 74 million yuan ($10.65 million) in the scenic area.

To make the holiday more exciting, the scenic area put five new cruises into operation. According to statistics, the tourism cruises in the area run more than 4,700 times during the holiday, serving more than 173,000 visitors.

The scenic spot develops a series of activities to attract more tourists. [Photo/xiangxiang.gov.cn]

A bonfire party [Photo/xiangxiang.gov.cn]

To make the holiday more exciting, the scenic area put five new cruises into operation. 

The scenic spot also developed a series of activities to attract more tourists, including a gourmet festival, Counter Strike (CS), on-water team building activities and a bonfire party. Themed activities such as the “Flower Sea” and automobile music festival have become branded activities, gaining a lot of popularity. The flower sea received an average volume of more than 8,000 people every day during the holiday. 

All officials and staff members of the resort stayed working for 12 hours every day to ensure the safety and order of the visitors. The tourists were more patient and friendly during the holiday, with few people throwing rubbish anywhere and more queuing to purchase tickets.

Shuifu tourism resort is an ecological tourist destination in Xiangxiang, Hunan province covering an area of 177.2 square kilometers, with a water area of 45 square kilometers.

Located at the center of three tourism resorts – Shaoshan Mountain, Hengshan Mountain and Zhangjiajie, the resort enjoys convenient transportation via railways and passing highways.

The resort highlights the ecological environment with 1,000 valuable species and various rare animals protected by law, as well as a profound cultural background with a number of national and provincial cultural relics. The area is home to many historical figures such as Zeng Guofan (a top military commander in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)) and Xiao San (a world-renowned poet).

The resort includes 76 scenic spots, including scattered islands, 1,000-year-old trees, 10,000-year-old stones, clear rivers and quiet mountains all contributing to the charming ecological park.

Shuifu has won a string of honors, including being listed as one of the eight sceneries of Hunan and a 3A national tourism resort award. It is now striving towards the title “China’s top lake leisure town.”