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Zhang Xin won China's first medal in skateboarding in the 18th Asian Games

Updated: 2018-09-03

The news that Zhang Xin from Xiang Xiang won China's first medal in skateboarding in the 18th Asian Games spread throughout WeChat. In the finals of Girls Combi Pool Classic of the 18th Asian Games held on August 28, Zhang Xin, from Xiang Xiang, Hunan, a Chinese national skateboarding athlete, won the third place in the competition,obtaining a history-making bronze medal for China.





Zhang Xin, a 20-year-old sophomore at the Nanjing Sport Institute, majoring in national sports and performance, is now a skateboarder for the National Skateboarding Nanjing Training Team. Years of gymnastics learning has brought her a great advantage in flexibility, skill, stability and physical fitness. After only five weeks of learning skateboarding, she has achieved excellent results at the World Championship.

“This is the first time that skateboarding has been admitted to the Asian Games. It is really a great honor for me to win the first medal for China while it is relatively backward in the development of skateboarding culture in the country.” Zhang Xin said, hoping that there would be more opportunities to win more honors for the hometown and motherland in the future.

In April 2018, when Zhang Xi was 19 years old, she won the first place in the preliminaries of the international Girls Combi Pool Classic competition and won the second place in the finals.

During the 8 months from joining the training team to getting the results, Zhang Xin improved her skateboarding skills to the international level with her efforts. Skateboarding will make its Olympic debut at the Tokyo 2020 Games. Let’s look forward to seeing Zhang Xin bring greater honor to the motherland in the Olympic Games!