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Sanitation campaign deployed in Xiangxiang

Updated: 2018-09-05

On September 4, a meeting on urban and rural environment and sanitation improvement campaign was held in Xiangxiang. Xie Yonggen, member of the Standing Committee and director of the Department of Propaganda, Fang Ming, director of the Patriotic Health Committee and Xie Beikui, vice mayor of Xiangtan attended the meeting.


The meeting. [Photo/Xiangxiang.gov.cn]

The meeting arranged and deployed the urban and rural environment and sanitation improvement campaign, covering the following aspects: city appearance and sanitation, township sanitation, village sanitation, rural toilet reform, road management, and water area management, etc.

Three requirements were put forward at the meeting: firstly, ideological recognition should be deepened. It is necessary to fully realize that carrying out urban and rural environment and sanitation improvement campaign is an inevitable requirement for creating a national civilized city, improving the quality of people’s life and their living environment. Secondly, the responsibilities should be further clarified. It is necessary to further clarify the objectives and tasks, implement the responsibilities, refine the objectives, decompose the tasks, and solidly promote the in-depth and continuous development of the clean-up campaign. Thirdly, the publicity should be strengthened. It is necessary to strengthen the sense of ownership of the public to encourage them to actively participate in the campaign, and create a strong atmosphere of environment and sanitation improvement to achieve satisfactory effects.