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University for the elderly delivering classes to the country in Dongshan

Updated: 2018-09-04

On September 3, the first campaign of delivering classes to the country hosted by the University for the Elderly of CPC Xiangxiang municipal committee retired veteran cadres bureau and Xiangxiang City was held in Zhangjiang Village, Dongshan Sub-district.


The old people listened very carefully and smiled with joy. [Photo/Xiangxiang.gov.cn]
The interaction in the class. [Photo/Xiangxiang.gov.cn]

This campaign delivered excellent classes of the university for the elderly into villages and communities so as to gradually meet the cultural needs of the aged, which can realize the resource sharing of the elderly quality education and achieve the balanced development of urban and rural elderly education to further develop sustainable and sound elderly education in Xiang Xiang.

On the same day, Yang Fufeng, a music teacher of Xiang Xiang No.1 Middle  School, taught a vivid and wonderful music lesson to the retired cadres and senior citizens in Zhangjiang Village and the Chengnan community. In the class, Yang Fufeng started with based music knowledge including note and rhythm. She taught the elderly how to phonate in order to sing fair-sounding songs. Besides, Yang Fufeng shared her melodious and sweet voice with the old people, creating a lively atmosphere in the classroom.

During the whole activity, the old people listened very carefully and smiled with joy. Gu Yifu, an old man living in Chengnan community, said that this class adopted an entertaining teaching method, which improved their learning enthusiasm, expanded their music knowledge, enriched their cultural life and strengthened their friendship.