Medical instrument maker's new product gains market access

Updated: 2015-04-02

An atrial septal puncture system independently developed by Hunan Effort Medical Instrument Limited Company was approved for market release by the State Food and Drug Administration on March 27.

The company was granted a registration certificate (Guoxiezhuzhun: No 20153770317), which was the first of its kind in Hunan province.

The atrial septal puncture system that will be used in cardiac interventional procedures can increase its sales to more than 30 million yuan ($4.47 million) and create 2 million yuan in taxes after its entry into the market.

In addition, another five new products are undergoing clinical trials. They are expected to increase sales to 400 million yuan after official registration.

The Xiangxiang-based company settled in the city’s economic development zone in 2007. Hunan Effort specializes in the research and manufacturing of high-tech interventional medical devices and has 31 patents, including 11 invention patents and 20 utility models patents.

The company has mastered the core technology of catheter-based intravascular interventional therapy and focuses on the research and development of the equipment that helps the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Their products include electrophysiology electrode catheters, occluders, vascular distal protection devices, catheter sheaths with hemostatic valves, PTCA balloon catheters, microcatheters, guiding catheters and thrombus removal devices.