Agricultural product trademark construction debate in Xiangxiang

Updated: 2018-08-14


A seminar on agricultural product trademark construction in Xiangxiang, Hunan province, on July 10, 2018 [Photo/xiangxiang.goc.cn]

Xiangxiang held a seminar of agricultural products trademark construction on July 10, inviting many experts from the provincial agriculture committee and agriculture universities as well as company representatives. 


Hunan Longquan fruit industry development Co Ltd signs a cooperation agreement with Better Life Group, a large-scale business enterprise involved in retail, real estate and financing including merchandise trade, e-commerce, real estate, financing, logistics and supply chains, at the seminar to start its internet sales on July 10, 2018. [Photo/xiangxiang.goc.cn]

Hunan Longquan fruit industry development Co Ltd, developing high quality red-fleshed pomelo under the brand “You Duo Duo”, signed agreements with Better Life Group and Hunan green food website at the seminar to start its internet sales. 


Hunan Longquan fruit industry development Co Ltd also signs with Hunan green food website, an internet platform sponsored by Green Food Association of Hunan province at the seminar to start its internet sales. [Photo/xiangxiang.goc.cn]

The experts and company representatives expressed their opinions on the product positioning, pricing and processing involved in building the brand, and gave advice on trademarking of Xiangxiang’s agricultural products. 

The experts suggested that the Longquan fruit industry should improve the quality of the red-fleshed pomelo, form a brand, and then strengthen promotion in order to expand the market. At the same time, the city should create high quality, high technology Hunan agricultural trademarks with high market competitiveness. 

Zhang Maofeng, deputy secretary of the party committee of Xiangxiang, pointed out that Xiangxiang’s agriculture has solid basics, and the city will expand markets and promote sales of agricultural products with modern marketing methods and guaranteed quality, as well as focus on the construction of zones and incubation of leading companies. 

In recent years, Xiangxiang has actively implemented agricultural trademarks strategies, forming some agricultural product trademarks with a certain scale and commercial popularity. There have been 138 registered agricultural trademarks in Xiangxiang so far.