• Agricultural product trademark construction debate in Xiangxiang

    2018-08-14 09:40:04

    Xiangxiang held a seminar of agricultural products trademark construction on July 10, inviting many experts from the provincial agriculture committee and agriculture universities as well as company representatives.

  • Xiangxiang to welcome a biomass power plant

    2018-07-06 09:26:48

    Xiangxiang signed with the Hunan Power Design Institute of China Energy Engineering Group Co Ltd to build a biomass power plant in Xiangxiang, Hunan province on July 5.

  • Xiangxiang entrepreneurship competition ends

    2018-06-13 13:28:59

    The Xiangxiang Scientific, Economic and Information Technology Bureau hosted a sub-contest for the third 2018 "Maker in China" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Xiangxiang, Hunan province, on June 13.

  • Four newly settled companies invest 29.5 million on Dongjiao agricultural demonstration zone

    2018-06-05 15:10:27

    Xiangxiang's Dongjiao modern agricultural demonstration zone held a signing ceremony for four companies settling in the zone on May 30.

  • Xiangxiang lands new energy automobile project

    2018-05-04 08:41:48

    Zhou Junwen, mayor of Xiangxiang, meets Chen Xiaoming, chairman of Foshan Automobile Transportation Group Co Ltd, to advance the new energy automobile project on April 21, 2018. [Photo/ WeChat account: zgxxwz]Foshan Automobile Transportation Group Co Ltd

  • Returned natives invest 12 billion in Xiangxiang

    2018-02-13 09:12:51

    A forum inviting natives of Xiangxiang to invest in the city was held in the Shuifu demonstration area, Xiangxiang, Xiangtan, Hunan province, on February 13. Six projects with a total investment of 12 billion yuan ($1.89 billion) were signed at the forum.

  • Optical thin-film base settles in Xiangxiang Economic Development Zone

    2018-02-11 08:50:26

    Hunan Huiya Optical Technology Co Ltd signed an agreement with the Xiangxiang Economic Development Zone to set up an optical thin-film base in the zone, local media reported on January 27.

  • Xiangxiang to build modern agricultural demonstration zone

    2018-01-23 15:55:37

    Hunan Yaxiya Agriculture Company Ltd has invested 430 million yuan ($67.11 million) to build a modern agricultural demonstration zone in Xiangxiang.

  • Xiangxiang opens first collective economic organization

    2018-01-22 10:01:30

    Hunan's Xiangxiang established the first collective economic organization, Haotang Share-holding Economic Cooperatives, in the industry and trade zone of Haotang Community, Chengzhong Village, on January 12, Xiangtan Online reported.

  • Evergrande Real Estate Group delegation visits Xiangxiang

    2018-01-22 09:29:45

    Deputy Party Secretary of Xiangxiang Zhang Maofeng met with Tang Wei, general manager of the Xiangxiang branch of Evergrande Real Estate Group, to negotiate about real estate projects on January 5, local media reported.

  • Wind power projects blow into Xiangxiang

    2017-12-19 08:34:21

    The Xiangxiang municipal government signed an agreement with CGN New Energy Investment (Shenzhen), a company specializing on clean and renewable power generation projects, to develop wind power in Xiangxiang on Dec 11.

  • 500-million-yuan test center settles in Xiangxiang

    2017-12-06 15:16:33

    Hunan Electric Appliance Science Research Institute signed an agreement with Xiangxiang Economic Development Zone to build the Hunan Electrical Equipment Testing & Inspection Institute in Xiangxiang, Hunan province, on Nov 28.

  • China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group to settle in Xiangxiang

    2017-10-27 09:11:20

    A delegation from the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP), led by the group's deputy general manager Chen Shuguang, visited Xiangxiang, Central China's Hunan Province on Oct 24.

  • Xiangxiang to construct characteristic towns

    2017-07-19 11:30:57

    Peng Ruilin, Party chief of Xiangxiang, raised the idea of constructing characteristic towns and beautiful countryside demonstrations areas over the next three years at a meeting on July 14.

  • Wuzizui Food Co to build new production base in Xiangxiang

    2017-05-04 14:13:24

    The Hunan Wuzizui Food Company recently signed an investment agreement in the amount of 200 million yuan ($28.97 million) to build a new areca nut production and packaging base in Xiangxiang.

  • Party secretary guides ETDA industrial park

    2017-05-03 16:09:55

    Peng Ruilin, the Party secretary of Xiangxiang, the city's Mayor Zhou Junwen, together with government officials, inspected the Xiangxiang Economic Technological Development Area (ETDA) on May 3.

  • Enterprises give ideas on Xiangxiang Electrical Industrial Park

    2017-04-07 17:25:24

    A planning program meeting for Xiangxiang Electrical Industrial Park was held on April 7, to solicit project proposals from enterprises.

  • Xiangxiang ETDA reviews 2016 projects

    2017-01-06 15:26:06

    The Xiangxiang Economic Technological Development Area (ETDA) in Xiangxiang city, Hunan province held a conference on November 15 to look over the work finished in 2016 and for new projects in 2017.

  • Xiangxiang housing bureau caters to low-income residents

    2016-10-26 14:36:37

    The housing security and management bureau of Xiangxiang city, Hunan province has accelerated efforts to improve the the housing security and supply to guarantee the basic residential needs of low-income and migrant workers.

  • Government officials inspect Shuifu demonstration area

    2016-10-25 14:30:50

    A delegation of government officials from Xiangtan city, Hunan province inspected Shuifu demonstration area on Oct 24.

  • Xiangxiang ETDA enjoys steady economic development

    2016-10-19 13:30:54

    Xiangxiang Economic Technological Development Area in Xiangxiang city, Hunan province has increased efforts to raise economic and social development in recent years.

  • Renovation of key road promotes regional economic growth

    2016-09-27 11:50:21

    The Xiangqi segment of State Road 332, a main road stretching from east to west in Xiangxiang city of Hunan province, opened to traffic again on Aug 22 after reconstruction, nine days earlier than expected.

  • Yucai Road renovations finished

    2016-09-20 11:26:31

    Yucai Road in Xiangxiang city, Hunan province has finished renovations and opened to traffic.

  • New road opens to traffic in Xiangxiang

    2016-09-18 10:29:31

    The road is 724 meters long and 30 meters wide, covering an area of 37,500 square meters. The 80-million-yuan ($11.61 million) project stretches from Jiangjin Mingyuan residential area in the west to Dongshan Bridge in the east.

  • Xiangxiang builds new industrial park

    2016-09-14 10:27:45

    Jinshi Industrial Park, a park focusing on heavy equipment manufacturing, new materials and green food processing, broke ground at the Xiangxiang Economic Technological Development Area (ETDA) in Hunan province on Sept 13.

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